The Pussycat Club

The Pussycat Club

  • Two couples decide to go to a swingers club to see if the lifestyle suits them.

Joe pulls off the highway into the parking lot, finds space quickly, and kills the engine.  In the silence that follows, the ticking of the engine as it cools is loud.

A male laughs nervously from the back seat.  “There are not many cars here,” he said in a hushed voice.

Joe turns to the dark-haired man sitting in the back next to his blonde wife Susan, and said, “We’re kinda early, Fred.”  He unclips his seat belt.  “The place doesn’t get busy until midnight.”

Joe’s redheaded wife, Pippa, sitting in the front passenger seat, releases her seat belt and scoots around in her seat so she can see Fred and Susan sitting close in the back with hands clasped between them.

“I think I’d prefer it a little quiet,” Pippa said then grimaces, “At least to start with.  I know Joe’s been here before, but I haven’t, and I’m a little nervous.”

The long blonde-haired Susan grins at Pippa.  “A little nervous?” she said with raised eyebrows, “I’m shitting bricks back here.”

They all laugh, and it seems to help.


It had been Joe’s idea to come to ‘The Pussycat Club’ for his birthday. Still, Fred needed little convincing.  Joe had been a member long ago with his first wife, but hadn’t been for years and recently admitted he missed it.  Pippa surprised him by saying she was curious about going to see what happens there.  So one drunken evening with Fred and Susan, and some Chinese takeout, Joe spilled the beans about his plans for a ‘swinging adventure,’ and not surprisingly, the other couple had been more than willing to participate.

Susan, after one too many drinks, admitted she and Fred always talked about swinging also, and the idea of them having sex while other couples watch really got her going.  After that revelation, it didn’t take long to organize this trip, using Joe’s birthday as an excuse.

Finally, here they are at ‘The Pussycat Club.’


Joe asks with a tight grin, “Shall we go in then?  It’ll be warmer than out here.”

“Give me a minute,” Fred said then laughs nervously.

Pippa didn’t know what he had to be nervous about, with Joe and Fred looking suave and sophisticated in Armani suits.  The women are wearing skimpy dresses designed to show off the goods.  The dress code for the club had said ‘sexy’ for the women, a simple word covering a multitude of sins.

Pippa likes the idea of showing off her body to strangers and have them ogle her appreciatively.  Among other things, it gives her a much-needed confidence boost.  So after much discussion and loads of giggling, Pippa finally decided on black nylon ‘hold-ups’ (stockings that don’t need garters or suspender belts) and a matching set of lacy black and pink underwear with her new and horribly expensive Louboutin’s to finish the look.  Over this, she wore a short backless black dress.  This will suffice until she’s just drunk enough to strip naked.

Susan had gone for a black dress too, tight and with a sheer panel sewn into the top clearly showing off her large cleavage and pointy nipples (she’s not wearing a bra).  A zipper runs down the front of the dress with a pair of white stilettos to finish it off.  Pippa thinks Susan looks great.

It’s no secret Susan thinks Pippa is hot too.  She said so more than once during the car ride here.  Pippa secretly hopes she’ll get some special girl time with Susan during the evening.

“Come on, let’s do it,” Susan said. “I need a drink and fast.”

“And I need to dance,” Pippa chirps.

Together, the four friends leave the car and make their way to the front door, hurrying slightly as a light cold rain begins to fall.

The Pussycat Club

  • Two couples decide to go to a swingers club to see if the lifestyle suits them.


In the clubs foyer, it’s dry, warm, and cozy.  The four friends huddle, giggling and waiting their turn at the front desk.  Pippa and Susan examine the beautifully decorated lobby with wide-eyed wonder.  The walls are vibrant with luxuriant reds and blacks in a French boudoir style.  The gentle sound of music drifts from concealed speakers in the ceiling, and there’s a scent of perfume in the air.  There’s a carved mahogany reception desk with cupids on it, and behind it stands a beautiful black woman dressed in fishnets, plaid miniskirt, and a tight black halter neck. The receptionist treats them all to a dazzling smile as they enter before turning back to another couple.  At the far end are two frosted glass doors with the venue’s logo engraved into them.

The other couple talking with the receptionist is in their early forties.  The man appears smart in a charcoal black suit with a bowtie.  The sandy blonde-haired woman accompanying him seems relaxed wearing nothing but a sheer body stocking and black stilettos.  Joe and Fred can’t help staring at the sexy woman, and in truth, neither can Susan and Pippa.  The older woman looks fantastic, and the sheer body stocking accentuates her sensual nakedness.  She has her back to the four, and her pert round butt is delicious.

The distinguished man pays the door charge, and they go through to the club.  The older woman turns at the door and catches Pippa staring.  Her breasts are clearly visible, nipples too.  She stares back at Pippa, taking in her body, and suddenly breaks into a grin, dropping a salacious wink before disappearing inside.

Wow,” Joe said wide-eyed.  Pippa’s sure she can see a bulge in the front of Joe’s suit trousers.  “Making friends already, Pips?”

She ignores him, and the quartet moves to the desk, greeted by a gorgeous black receptionist.  “Hi, my names Misty, is this your first time at ‘The Pussycat Club’?”

“How can you tell?” Fred said with a rueful chuckle.

“I can always tell,” Misty said.  “Don’t worry; you’re gonna love it here.”

“How much to get in,” Joe asks, pulling his wallet out.

“Fifty dollars per person which include a locker, clean towels, a robe, and shower access.  You’ll have to pay extra for any food and drinks.”

Joe hands over his credit card.  “I’ll pay for all of us,” he said.

After the payments made, Misty said, “Can I interest anyone in a bangle?”

The receptionist points with her pen to a tray beside the cash register filled with thick gold rubber bands.  The type you get at gyms to hold your locker key while you work out.

Susan asks curiously, “What are they for?”

Pippa goes to the desk and picks one up, examining it closely.

Misty said, “The bangles identify the wearer as ‘bisexual’ and ‘available,’ so other guests are aware.”

Pippa suddenly blushes and drops the band quickly, while Susan laughs.

“Thanks, but we’ll stick with each other this time,” Susan said, smiling at Pippa, who blushes again.  “What about you, Fred and Joe?  You wanna be bisexual and available?”

The men grimace.  “I’m strictly a vagitarian,” Joe said.

“Me too,” Fred adds, nodding.

The Pussycat Club

  • Two couples decide to go to a swingers club to see if the lifestyle suits them.

Misty frowns and said, “Well, you’ll see all kinds of activities here, and one of our rules is everyone must be tolerant of those playing in ways you may not normally like.”

“We’re not homophobic if that’s what you’re implying,” Fred said with a pinched expression.  “Live and let live, I say.”

“Rest assured, if you’re not wearing a gold bangle, then no one will ask you for same-sex interactions.  That’s also a rule here.”

Joe grunts.  “What happens if someone breaks the rules?” he asks.

“They’re immediately thrown out and banned forever,” Misty said with a gleam in her eyes.  “You’ll find the rules posted in various places, and I suggest you all take a moment to read them.  That way, your enjoyment here at The Pussycat Club is guaranteed.”

Talk about the rules made Pippa suddenly realize she doesn’t know what Fred and Susan expect out of the night.  They hadn’t really discussed it further than ‘fuck it, let’s go,’ and Pippa knows this was an oversight.  They obviously want to drink copious amounts of alcohol, dance, and see what happens in a sex club.  However, when it comes to the sex part, they never talked about what that means for each couple.

Joe takes their locker keys, and together they go through the frosted-glass door the other couple did earlier leading into the club proper.


Inside, The Pussycat Club is not what Pippa expected, and by the looks on Fred and Susan’s faces, they feel the same.  The redhead doesn’t know what she expected really, nothing as grand as what confronted them.  The place is bigger than she thought and by a lot.  It stretches around her in a haze of low-level lighting and drifting smoke blowing from the dance floor.  Beside her, Fred whistles appreciatively.  The rooms dominated by a large square bar, striped in red and purple neon, with several barmaids dressed in hot pants and bunny ears busily fetching, carrying, and pouring drinks for the clientele.  Most of the drinks are cocktails and ice buckets of champagne.

Pippa hangs back behind her husband, acutely aware the men and women closest have all turned to see who had just entered this den of iniquity.  More people mill around the bar than the cars out front would’ve suggested, and it catches Pippa off guard for a moment.  However, Joe takes her hand and squeezes it, and she instantly feels better.

“Start with a drink?” Fred asks, holding Susan’s hand too.

“Let’s stash our coats first,” Joe said.  “It’s fucking hot in here.”

Pippa is already sweating (and not in a good way), so the two girls agree readily.  Joe leads them to the locker rooms beyond the bar, through an ornate set of double doors flanked by two marble statues of a naked man and woman, and along a short corridor framed with pictures of scantily clad people.

Pointing to two doors to his left about halfway along the corridor, Joe says, “There are the toilets.” Eventually stopping at another door, saying, “And this is the locker room.”

On his right is a heavy blue curtain, which had been pulled back to reveal a small room beyond, lined with lockers on three of the four walls.  The far wall is one large gold framed mirror.  The few lockers standing open contain a pair of oversize fluffy white towels and a white terry-toweling gown.

Susan grins. “It’s like a spa.”

“You wait until you see the playroom and the Jacuzzi?” Joe said and chuckles, taking his coat off.

Pippa asks with wide eyes, “Do you really have to be naked to go in the Jacuzzi?”

She finds the idea of climbing into a bubbling hot tub naked, filled with strangers, an erotic one and feels her pussy give a little twinge.

“Naked as the day you were born, sweetie,” Joe said with a wink.

They stash their coats into the lockers, and the two girls fix their hair for perhaps the fifth time in the full-length mirror.

Susan asks Pippa with a catch in her voice, “Are you stripping straight away?”

Pippa thought it maybe nerves, hers had kicked in big time, yet the redhead feels amazingly sensual with it.  She’d felt the eyes of the men in the club following her on their way through, and surprisingly, Pippa liked it.

“No,” Pippa said. “I need a drink or four first, and dance, then maybe…  How do I look?”

She turns to Susan and strikes a pose.  The dress is short enough to expose the tops of her ‘hold-ups’, which makes Pippa, feel incredibly naughty, and by the gaze, Susan’s giving her, it’s doing the same for her.

“Wow,” Susan said, followed by a gasp.  “You look fucking hot.”  She giggles suddenly, saying, “I’d definitely do you.”

Pippa doesn’t laugh.  Suddenly the thought of her friend lying beside her naked and kissing her and touching her isn’t the slightest bit funny, it’s downright erotic.  Pippa’s pussy is sopping wet now.

“Come on, ladies,” Fred interrupts.  “I think we need a drink.”


This is an excerpt from this short story, you need to buy it to read all the sexy action.

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