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The Maze

  • Amy has always felt a strange pull from the old maze at her family estate, especially after her dad died. But when her sister comes with a plan to save the estate, Amy has to choose between her or the maze.

The Pussycat Club

  • Two couples decide to go to a swingers club to see if the lifestyle suits them.

The Long Road Home: Book 4

  • As Paul finally delivers the tech Earth needs for 'The Battle of Sol' he realizes the human governments are not going to give them the materials they need to make a new qdrive and decides they'll just have to take it instead.

The Long Road Home: Book 3

  • Join the adventure again as Paul and Blakey mine Xelion crystal in outback Western Australia while trying to hide from government forces.

The Long Road Home: Book 2

  • The adventure continues as Paul tries to help Earth and fix Ship at the same time.

Lessons in Murder

  • Includes an extra short story for free.

The Succubus

  • A succubus in training is having trouble controlling her need to feed.

The Farmers Wife

  • A young woman with an older husband falls in love with the local doctor.

Karen's Rise!

  • A recent high school graduate decides not to go to University and makes her own way on her wits and persistence.


  • They stood huddled together like a lost flock of sheep. Confusion and chaos was everywhere.

Chance Encounter

  • A businessman runs into someone he knows across the other side of the world and rekindles a friendship with her.

The Invasion

  • An Australian scientist leads the world against an insidious alien attack.

Stery's Garden

  • A war veteran is assigned to the city gardens on his discharge and becomes the pawn in the game of power between several powerful politicians.

The Restoration

  • A man trying to get his life together after a family tragedy finds himself fixing an old car.

Back in the West

  • A strange and wondrous adventure for a young man who ends up back in time in the old West.

The Long Road Home: Book 1

  • With vital knowledge in the war on an evil alien race, Major Paul Goddard is sent back to earth Command in a secret evacuation from planet Bolaris.

The Inheritance

  • Trials and tribulations on young mans way to adulthood.